Connect Middleware

Stylus ships with Connect middleware for auto-compiling Stylus sheets whenever they’re modified.



Return Connect middleware with the given options.

  `serve`     Serve the stylus files from `dest` [true]
  `force`     Always re-compile
  `src`       Source directory used to find .styl files
  `dest`      Destination directory used to output .css files
              when undefined defaults to `src`.
  `compile`   Custom compile function, accepting the arguments
              `(str, path)`.
  `compress`  Whether the output .css files should be compressed
  `firebug`   Emits debug infos in the generated css that can
              be used by the FireStylus Firebug plugin
  `linenos`   Emits comments in the generated css indicating 
              the corresponding stylus line
  `sourcemap` Generates a sourcemap in sourcemaps v3 format


Serve .styl files from ./public:

var app = connect();

app.middleware(__dirname + '/public');

Change the src and dest options to alter where .styl files are loaded and where they’re saved:

 var app = connect();
   src: __dirname + '/stylesheets',
   dest: __dirname + '/public'

Here we set up the custom compile function so that we may set the compress option, or define additional functions.

By default the compile function simply sets the filename and renders the CSS. In the following case we’re compressing the output, using the “nib” library plugin, and auto-importing it.

 function compile(str, path) {
   return stylus(str)
     .set('filename', path)
     .set('compress', true)

Pass it as an option like so:

 var app = connect();

     src: __dirname
   , dest: __dirname + '/public'
   , compile: compile
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