Stylus supports basic sourcemaps according to the Sourcemap v3 spec

Create a sourcemap

Pass the --sourcemap flag (or -m) with a Stylus file. This will create a style.css file, and a file as siblings to your style.styl and place a sourcemap link at the bottom of style.css to your sourcemap.

stylus -m style.styl

You can also run this command while watching a file. For instance: stylus -w -m style.styl. This will update your sourcemap everytime you save.

JavaScript API

Set the sourcemap setting with an options object or a boolean value:

var stylus = require('stylus');

var style = stylus(str)
  .set('filename', 'file.styl')
  .set('sourcemap', options);

style.render(function(err, css) {
  // generated sourcemap object


`comment`     Adds a comment with the `sourceMappingURL` to the generated CSS (default: `true`)
`inline`      Inlines the sourcemap with full source text in base64 format (default: `false`)
`sourceRoot`  "sourceRoot" property of the generated sourcemap
`basePath`    Base path from which sourcemap and all sources are relative (default: `.`)
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